Discover Dog-Friendly Walks within a 10-Mile Radius of Malton, North Yorkshire

Are you a dog lover seeking an adventure that’s just as enjoyable for your four-legged friends as it is for you? Nestled in the heart of Malton, North Yorkshire, Old Station Farm is an ideal dog-friendly holiday accommodation, welcoming up to two dogs. This charming location serves as the perfect starting point for numerous picturesque dog walks within a 10-mile radius, combining the tranquillity of the countryside with the convenience of town amenities.

Castle Howard: A Stroll through Grandeur

Just a short drive from Old Station Farm is Castle Howard, a monumental private residence in Britain with parklands perfect for leisurely dog walks. While dogs aren’t allowed inside the house or immediate gardens, they’re more than welcome in the extensive parkland and forestry walks that envelop the estate. The sweeping vistas are nothing short of breathtaking, ensuring an enjoyable day out for both you and your pet.

Kirkham Priory: Historic Explorations

For history enthusiasts who love a good walk, Kirkham Priory is an ideal destination. Nestled by the River Derwent, this Augustinian priory ruins offer a fascinating backdrop for your dog walk. While dogs need to be kept on a lead, they’re welcome to join you in exploring this intriguing historic site.

Langton Ponds: A Peaceful Retreat

A few miles south of Old Station Farm, in the village of Langton, you’ll discover Langton Ponds. Offering tranquil walks amidst an idyllic setting, it’s a lesser-known gem that boasts woodland and open fields. The two picturesque ponds serve as the perfect picnic spot, giving you and your pet a chance to unwind amidst nature.

Wharram Quarry Nature Reserve: Wilderness Adventure

For a walk that edges on the wild side, Wharram Quarry Nature Reserve is a fantastic choice. Situated on the Yorkshire Wolds’ fringe, this reserve features an array of habitats teeming with wildlife. Dogs are welcome, but due to the nature reserve’s sensitive ecology, they must be kept on leads.

Staying at Old Station Farm provides not only comfort and a warm welcome to your furry friends but also easy access to an array of splendid dog-friendly walks in and around Malton, North Yorkshire. Ensuring you keep your dog under control and respectful of local wildlife, these trails offer a unique blend of natural beauty, historic interest, and fresh country air that both you and your dog will love. So, why wait? Start planning your dog-friendly holiday today!

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